About Us

• Eagle Park Apartments is located in an active downtown which provides other community resources that make Clarion seem like your hometown away from home.

• Check out the Clarion Chamber of Business and Industry for more community information.

• Our tenants' comfort and safety are of the utmost importance to the Eagle Park Apartments owner and staff.

• We are proud to be a part of the Clarion University community.

Clarion Community

The Clarion community has its own humble character with plenty to see and do. Just miles from town is Cook Forest State Park, where year-round events take place.

Every year, downtown Clarion celebrates the changing of the seasons with the annual Autumn Leaf Festival. The festival attracts thousands of people from around the country with week-long activities.

For Autumn Leaf, Eagle Park residents are close to the excitement - it's only a one mile walk to Main Street!

Places of Interest

Our History

Eagle Park Apartments opened fall 1999.

Initial renovations included Tower I only, as we took a vacant building and began an extensive renovation process. 

Phase I was a complete renovation of Tower I, as Eagle Park kept it dormitory style.

Phase II which was five years later (Fall 2004), Eagle Park opened Tower II. During this phase we took all dormitory rooms and transformed them into 87 studio apartments.

Phase III began two years later (Fall 2006), Eagle Park converted a cafeteria that was situated in the middle of Towers I & II, and built 12 more studio apartments.

Phase IV (Fall 2007) was a second renovation of Tower I's first and fourth floors. During this phase, Eagle Park renovated dorm style rooms along with several common areas on the lst floor to add 50 more studio apartments.

Phase V (Fall 2008) was the completion of the total renovation process. This included restructuring the third floor of Tower I from dorm rooms to studio apartments. It also consisted of restructuring the second floor of Tower I into a new style of living for Eagle Park residents. This new style consists of a combination of studio apartments and dorm rooms. Eagle Park refers to these units as our shared suites. They consist of every two suites sharing one bathroom. This enables our tenants to enjoy the privacy of their own bathroom shared with a suitemate.

Fall 2016 new furniture was added to Tower I.

2008-Present Continually upgrading apartments and facilities.

We invite you to browse this website and see the numerous possibilities that Eagle Park can offer you!